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Seed - NSW Health

This documentary was produced for NSW Health. It focused on the traumatic experiences around the 2019/2020 Bushfires, and how a small regional hospital coped. Their experiences led to the creation of a new program for dealing with trauma, which is now being implemented across the world.

Being Invisible

Being Invisible is a short documentary I produced in partnership with Amy Brown. It sought to make the subject of youth homelessness real, by focusing on the stories of two young women who had experienced homelessness.

The video used a mix of animation, music and direct to camera interviews. The result was a video that was stark, confronting, but also sensitive to the experiences and lives of the young women.

The video was screened by Price Waterhouse Coopers, as a fundraising initative as part of their commitment to ethical business practices. In attendance was Rob Stokes as a representative of the NSW government, as well as many other business leaders from Optus, ANZ, Fairfax and Rabobank.

Refugee Day Video

For Refugee Day, I produced this journalistic video piece about the impact of Australia's off-shore detention program. The video uses a powerful whistleblower interview with the former director of the Nauru facility.

The video was viewed over 200,000 times across social media platforms and Youtube, and was retweeted by many influential organisations who work in the refugee advocacy area.

The Sistine Chapel

This video was produced as part of a series on famous artworks, uncovering the hidden secrets of the paintings we all think we know.


Every Australian Counts

I was commissioned by National Disability Services to produce a video as part of their 'Every Australian Counts' campaign, which was responsible for successfully delivering the NDIS to parliament and seeing it passed by both the Labor and Liberal parties. The video was the central video component of the campaign; it needed to convey information that would confront viewers about the present state of the disability industry, but also inspire them to campaign for change. The video also had to be accessible to people with disabilities, particularly the visually and hearing impaired.

To do this, I based the video on Kurt Fearnley's Australia Day Speech, and designed an animation and motion graphics typography based production to bring the speech to life in an accessible way.

The resulting video was very successful, it was featured on Channel 10's The Project and was tweeted by then Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Medicare Guarantee Fund - The Prime Minister's Office

This video was produced for The Prime Minister's Office (Malcolm Turnbull) to launch the Medicare Guarantee Fund. 


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